Nara Sisters: Footballers Addicts

2006- Wanda Solange, the oldest of the two sisters, declares it open season for hunting for a footballer. At the end of the month of February came into the spotlight after claimed she had a few days relationship with one of the greatest football players of all time, Diego Armando Maradona. Maradona has always denied the affair.

2007- Wanda Nara announces publicly she is a virgin (in that same year she admits she lied) and says she would give up her virginity to Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. "I want Lionel Messi to break my hymen, because he's a kid like me"

2008- Wanda Nara married Catania footballer Maxi Lopez.

2010- The couple have a son called Valentino and Wanda is pregnant with her second child. "Maxi treats me like a princess" says "foxy" Wanda.

2006- Wanda's younger sister, Zaira comes forward to claim her piece of the fame pie. She decides to emulate and act as her sister. Invents a fleeting encounter with Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, tabloids and television shows immediately begin calling Zaira to talk about it.

2009- Zaira realizes that hook up with a footballer is easier than break into the world fashion. She throws the hook and Atletico Madrid forward Diego Forlan bites.

2010- Zaira Nara and Diego Forlan are engaged.
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