Lara Alvarez: Just Like Sara Carbonero

Permanent tan. Sport reporter. Dating a footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Spain national  team. Lara Alvarez is a total Sara Carbonero wannabee in good and in bad times! Only a few days after twitter users have launched a wide attack on Sara Carbonero for her very poor performance during the Euro Cup, the average looking Lara Alvarez has been attacked for the same reason.

Twitter users are asking: "Who at Telecinco had the bright idea to put Lara Alvarez as their  reporter at the motorcycle world championship?" "Lara Alvarez is like Sara Carbonero...They don't speak and when they do is to say something stupid" "I think Lara Alvarez is there because she's Sergio Ramos' girlfriend"  "Life is so unfair! I'm better than Lara Alvarez and I know about motorcycles more than her but I don't interview  professional motorcycle racer..." 

These are examples of positive tweets. I can only imagine the negatives ones!
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