Sara Carbonero Made The Best Decision Of Her Life: Quitting Journalism!

Is Iker Casillas' girlfriend Sara Carbonero leaving journalism due to a huge hue and cry raised by her statements regarding the relationship between Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid team?

The sport reporter, who just turned 29, appeared on Mexican tv show La Jugada. "It is well known that the players disagree with their coach. Right now there is division in the locker room. Florentino Perez has called an emergency press conference. He was quite nervous,which makes us think, as we all know, the atmosphere isn't good", revealed.


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, typical alpha male who keeps his girlfriend Irina Shayk dancing to his tune, must have thought
"Iker, mate, what are you doing? Start wearing the pants!".  Questioned about this matter the Portuguese forward  publicly rebuked the chatty Sara: "Everyone is free to say whatever he thinks but I believe she has not done well because what happens in the locker  room should stay in the locker room and the things that you know don't need to be said to the press".

Now Sara Carbonero is considering leaving her job and thousands of people hopes she doesn't look back. Her proverbial gaffes will live in infamy forever!

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